Top Ten Reasons Why You Can Offer Electronic Credit Card Processing

If you are not featuring integrated electronic credit card processing in your business, it is basically like you are living in the technological Stone Age. Few businesses of the present day operate on a sole cash basis, and cash is difficult to track, easy to lose and tough to tally come the end of the day. Under that premonition, let’s also take into consideration that unlike times of the past, cash is not really deemed all that convenient for the prospective customer any more.

Why Cash is Not Always the Answer Cash generally takes more time to debit at a business, which means longer lines. Coins have to be counted. Bills have to be sorted and verified that they are not counterfeit (and you eat it on any counterfeit bills that you mistakenly accept). Your cash drawer has to be counted, and accounted for. Cash deposits have to be made to the bank. And, most importantly, if you are only accepting cash, you are vastly limiting your buying potential to customers who – for the most part – rely upon electronic transactions using their debit or credit cards, which are more widely used than cash. Sure, you want to offer both: cash and credit/debit card. What follows are some leading reasons why you can offer electronic credit card processing at your business today.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Can Offer Electronic Credit Card Processing 1. You have plenty of merchant services providers to choose from during the present day. This means that you can find the service you want at the prices you can afford. 2. Compare batch fees and find the best deals for your budget. 3. There are plenty of processing terminals available in all price ranges that enable electronic credit card processing. 4. There’s a pretty good chance that your existing POS system can integrate with electronic credit card processing. 5. Accepting more forms of payment will vastly impact your bottom line and exponentially increase your return on investment. 6. The best electronic credit card processing has e-check capabilities now, which mean that you can accept personal checks if you desire. 7. Mobile businesses can use swipe pads on smartphones to tally up sales, and electronic credit card processing can track your totals with easy reporting. 8. The best providers for batch processing can generally get the funds that you have generated processed and into your business accounts in a few business days from batch posting. 9. If you shop around, you can easily find flat rate fees from any providers and in some cases even lease the electronic credit card processing equipment that you require. 10. The software and equipment are super simple to use. Training time takes an hour or two, and then you and your staff will be ready to go.

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