5 Tips to Manage Personal Finances


Do talk about money makes you happy or even a headache? If confused and still can not answer this question, you should have started to learn to manage finances from sekarang.Masing each person has a different way to how they manage money pribadinya.Berikut financial tips and how to manage it properly:

1. Only buy what she likes and takes At the age of twenty to thirty especially if you have money in the wallet, when the road to the mall or the market look cute and unique items, may be hard to resist not to buy goods. In the end, when she saw a closet full of these items, you’d think it was not all items purchased are needed, sometimes even the stuff you do not like. Though already a lot of money runs only buy these items. Therefore, buy the items that you really need and prefer, manage the spending appetite is inside. The easiest way at the sight and want to buy goods is to indirectly buy, but give me a week to get back again, during which time it was thought reset if the item you need to have or not.

2. Limit yourself to snacks outside often tempted by the invitation of friends to just hang out in cafes or lunch outside, especially if the invitation came from coworkers or classmates? It allowed for occasional snacks outside, but you should limit it itu.Anda able to save a lot if reducing eating out by bringing lunch from home, and that certainly can add to your savings.

3. Think twice before using credit cards for purchases Nowadays many shops, malls and online shop offers cheap shopping and great discounts when paying with a credit card. It is indeed encouraging and you think gets hit a lot with the big discount. But believe happiness is ongoing only briefly. Although you may be a lot of stuff, but it could end up when you get a credit card bill that swells at the end of the month. Therefore, before making purchasing decisions using credit cards, make sure you really can afford to pay off credit card repayments are charged.

4. Do not use a personal driver This is true for you who are accustomed to using private cars when going to work or school. If you are aware of lack of finances, do not have the prestige and use the services of a personal driver. Driving your own is the best way and would be even better if you get used to use public transport such as taxis, uber, train or other public transportation, and see the results you can be a lot of profit in this way. It may not or less comfortable, but its impact in the long run you will save a lot of money.

5. Start saving for retirement as early as possible when newly graduated and received work, happiness itself could have an income and spend money on anything, so the thought of saving is not really necessary. But saving early is valuable, especially if the company where you work does not promise many facilities including money layoffs.

How to Create a Credit Card Pitfalls Swerve


The use of credit cards wisely can be profitable. You can build a good credit track record, take advantage of many promo fit the lifestyle and make it easier to buy a lot of needs that are sold online within and outside the country.
But the fact that many credit card holders who do not pay the credit card bills in the last three months. In addition they just pay the bills with a minimal amount.
Yet habit like this would actually harm the owner of the credit card and trapping them in debt environment that is never ending.

Here are five credit card traps and how to avoid them:
1. Using a credit card to the limit
Why is this not advisable? If the use of credit cards is greater than usual, even up to a maximum ceiling limit of funds that you can use on your credit card, the bank will consider you depend on credit cards.

As a result, the level of your credit worthiness in the use of credit cards will be reduced, so you will be hard to get other products such as extra credit cards and loans in the future to come.

Example: if your credit card limit of Rp 5 million. Of the limit, you have to keep the limit was used less than USD 1.50 million

What to do? Keep the rest of the limit of about 30 percent of the total given limits.

2. Paying only the minimum payment
Credit cards allow you to pay only 10 percent of the total bill, but it means that you will be charged interest on the remaining 90 percent were not paid.

Example: You had a debt of $ 2 million on a credit card. Then you use another Rp 200 thousand. So the total to be paid now is Rp 2.2 million

If you pay the minimum payment of 10 percent or Rp 220 thousand, you still have to pay interest of 2.95 percent from Rp 1.98 million, amounting to Rp 58 thousand.

At the end you have to pay interest up to Rp 754 thousand a year so that the greater your debt at the end of the year.

What to do? Pay the bill in full, not the minimum bill that you do not pay interest on the total expenditure.

Diligent contact customer service of a credit card issuing bank and ask how much you spend each time you use and the maturity date. Bank operator will help you explain the bill and the due date.

3. Late paying bills
Late paying the bill is not recommended for credit card holders. Why? Since you’ll be exposed to a late payment (late charge), plus interest charged on the remaining limit.

Example: You had a debt of $ 2 million on a credit card. If one day late, you’ve hit a late charge of 3 percent or Rp 60 thousand and an interest rate of 2.95 per cent of the rest of the applicable limit, or Rp 59 thousand.

So the total you pay is Rp 119 thousand, or in other words, had 6 percent of your total debt in one month.

From being exposed to this trap, you must return the card is credited as its function: as a means facilitate payments, not loans.

You also have to pay all bills on time before the maturity to be free of interest and late charges.

If necessary, install the due date on a calendar alarm or reminder on your phone so you do not forget.

4. Pull Cash
Withdrawing cash is not recommended. Because you have to pay a surcharge of 3 percent or a minimum of USD 100 thousand from the amount withdrawn. In addition there will be interest from the total amount withdrawn.

Example: You attract Rp. 1 million from ATMs. You must pay a minimum fee of USD 100 thousand or 3 percent of the total taken.

Additionally you directly in contact with the current interest too! So suppose you withdraw cash at the beginning of the month, charge fees to be paid is Rp 100 thousand + Rp 29,500 = Rp 129 500.

It is already 13 percent of the total cost of your last pull – in 1 month.

So do not ever withdrawing cash with a credit card! If you’re traveling and need cash, use debit cards with the logo of Mastercard / VISA. Might be subject to surcharge fee, but it is very much cheaper than if you took from your credit card.

5. Not knowing the amount owed on credit cards
Call the phone number on the back of your credit card to check the number of bills to be paid, such as: How much will it cost, when the next bill will be sent, and when the due date for each date of credit card usage.

Hopefully the above tips can help you manage your credit cards more wisely and to avoid the pitfalls of credit card debt.

Recognising Quick Tactics Of Getting A Mortgage

Bad Credit rating Yet Need A Mortgage?/p>

Bad credit rating mortgage loans are indicated particularly for individuals which are suffering with bad credit history. Bad credit home loans or sub-prime home mortgages are coming to be much more usual in today’s difficult credit history environment and several of the mortgage loan providers are now supplying quite competitive home mortgage products to cater for this growing market fad. Adjustment your Life right Bad credit report mortgage loans are the lendings that are provided to those individuals with bad credit who could install a mortgage as a safety against the funding. Bad credit mortgage have now end up being one of the most popular lendings. Thankfully, there are straightforward steps you could take to see to it your bad credit history mortgage loan is a blessing, not a curse. Some bad credit history home loan carry a pre-payment charge, so make certain your funding doesn’t have one. If you require a bad credit mortgage, then you ought to learn all the facts before you dedicate to anything. What’s the distinction in between a bad credit home mortgage as well as a typical mortgage. Fundamentally, a bad credit mortgage is very much like a common home loan. When you pick a bad credit home mortgage, you should make sure that you can meet the called for terms; if you can reveal that you are making normal payments as concurred with the loan provider, it might assist your credit ranking. Although the bad credit history mortgage market is much smaller compared to the major home mortgage market, it could still seem difficult. A bad credit rating mortgage broker will have an extensive know-how of all the products on the marketplace as well as will certainly have the ability to take a look at your situations to view which items might suit you finest. If you have considerable charge card debts, have been declared bankrupt, had a Region Court Judgement (CCJ) against you or have had a mortgage application decreased in the past, you need to inquire about a bad credit rating home mortgage from you home loan broker since you will possibly not be approved for a normal home mortgage. You’ll have the ability to learn the proper way to set about obtaining in one of the most effective method where bad credit rating home loan are concerned and also all that you have to be gotten ready for when seeking sub prime financing sources.

Home mortgage Market

The mortgage market is experiencing a countrywide credit crunch that has tightened the standards for most mortgage loan providers, however some are constantly collaborating with crusading monetary establishments that discover methods to release brand-new home equity as well as mortgage re-finance programs to the consumers that require it most. That is why you have to ask your home mortgage broker precisely just what kind of programs he has readily available for you if your credit report is below 500. If he could not help you with your refinance or getting you a bad credit mortgage there are various other starving funding policemans around seeking your company.

The smarts thing you can do is refinance your 1st. and Second mortgage and also settle your bills and credit card debt, Bad credit history mortgage loans can be used for acquiring, or re-financing the equity on your house. This is a popular option as well as is likewise an excellent way for residents to take equity from their house as well as get some money back for spending on other tasks or simply to clear uncollectable loan, specifically if you have home loan arrears And if you have sufficient equity to ensure that your brand-new loan is for much less compared to 80 % of your residence’s value, you’ll be able to stop paying Private Home mortgage Insurance policy (PMI), which will certainly conserve you much more. Get authorized for home equity line for squander for home improvements Re-establish your credit by refinancing your mortgage & lendings Stated income as well as no-doc fundings for salaried or self employed are possible.

Bad Credit Home mortgage rates

This credit rating management techniques can assist you take advantage of a brand-new financing possibility, lessening previous harm to your credit as well as developing a strong financial future. The lending you obtain will certainly bring a greater rate of interest and will have higher closing charges. It is a good idea to examine the prices with a few bad credit report lending institutions and also contrast. Despite the fact that you have to pay a greater price, view that the one you settle at is reasonable as well as the most beneficial. Today rate of interest are reduced so attempt and acquire the very best bargain. You can constantly wait a while, enhance your credit report and after that get a financing at a low rate of interest. The actual price available will certainly depend upon your scenarios. Make sure that you do not come under the catch of obtaining ridiculously high rates of interest, and also bad repayment this choices absolutely do not prefer your credit history problemsr. Talk to a financial consultant concerning the neighborhood disorders, and also see if they could offer you any sort of advice on the topic before your final pick.

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It is hand swipe operated Magnetic Card Reader by magneticcardreaderwriters

As we all know that a credit card is ubiquitous in today’s fast-paced society. The invention of credit cards has revolutionized the lives of those in industrialized nations, perhaps due to the fact that this object has eased fiscal transactions by consumers. The most important feature of a credit card by the Magnetic Card Reader is the black stripe often found at the back of the card. This glossy, dark, laminated plastic stripe is capable of storing data through applying the concept of electromagnetism. In a word, It is hand swipe operated Magnetic Card Reader by magneticcardreaderwriters. >

This product is hand swipe operated Magnetic Card Reader machine with USB interface, adopting high integrated magnetic card decoding chip. They have small electricity consumption and strong interference resistance. They comply with ISO-7811, 7812 Magnetic Stripe Encoder  standard completely. Magnetic Card Reader can read cardbi-directionally, has intelligent lights to alert if card data is read correctly. Exquisite magnetic installation structure makes card reading more stable and reliable,which is our patented technology. Reasonable product design makes products small and compact.

This is a simple three track Magnetic Card Reader with serial output. This reader or the same product of Portable Magnetic Card Reader connects to your computer with a DB9 for serial and a PS/2 for power and outputs a 9600bps 8N1 ASCII serial stream. Plug the reader into a serial port (or USB to serial converter), swipe your frequent shopper card, and you’ll see the account number plain and unencrypted on the screen. We couldn’t find a card the Magnetic Card Reader couldn’t read. No drivers needed. No software needed just pure, wonderful serial. Everybody who knows heat a TTL is and can squeeze something out of his computer and/or hold a soldering iron will be able to make this credit card reader/writer together with the schematics.

Don’t worry about buying one of the fancy harnesses that they sell. There are breakout pads on the circuit board inside of the Magnetic Card Reader. Once you have received your reader, pop off the side cover, and solder wires to the pads as shown in the picture. Of course, if you have a different reader, the wiring will probably be different. In this case, consult your reader’s datasheet to locate the necessary pads. You have better to pay more attention to use it.

Tips On How To Find Shopper Discounts And Rewards

In this economic climate, there is nothing more beneficial to shoppers than being able to save some cash, whether they are buying commodities online or from stores in their locale. In this regard, finding ways to get shopper discounts and rewards would definitely be useful, especially when it comes to large purchases such as electronic gadgets and items that you regularly buy at exorbitant prices.

Getting Shopper Discounts and Rewards Online

If you are a constant online shopper, you know that there are thousands of websites that offer a wide range of discounts on various consumer products. One of the ways by which you can obtain discount coupons is by being a loyal shopper on certain websites, especially those that offer loyalty points to repeat customers. You have to remember that online businesses are always in competition with one another so buyers like yourself do have a certain advantage.

Hundreds of thousands of online shoppers do miss out on opportunities to save money on purchases because they make the mistake of not subscribing to certain website alerts, in other words, notifications about inventory sales and other special offers. Most selling websites use their database of customer email addresses not only to inform potential buyers about their products or services but also to give them coupon codes and other forms of rewards.

Shopper Discounts and Rewards from Credit Cards

Online stores are not the only sources of discounts and rewards as you can also obtain such perks from using certain types of credit cards. If you have been a credit card holder for a long time, you will know which cards are designed to gather reward points which can be exchanged for cash or discounts once the required number has been reached.

The popular types of accounts include frequent flyer miles cards which can be exchanged for free upgrades and other related perks. If you have a card such as these, you might want to closely monitor the number of points you obtain with each purchase so you do not miss the chance to redeem the points, especially when you need to cut back on expenses.

Redeeming Online Coupons

In some instances, loyal shoppers are rewarded with coupons which they can use within a predetermined time frame. If you happen to be afforded one of these, make sure that you are aware of how you can redeem the coupon and on which purchases you can use it. In most cases, you will be asked to enter coupon codes, if you have them, upon reaching the checkout page when you place an order.

Tips For Improving SQL Server Performance

Database servers are a cornerstone of modern businesses ranging from Google to 7-Eleven. When you run your credit card at a convenience or grocery store, your purchase is registered into a point of sale system backed by a database. Your credit card company registers the funds transfer into a database server containing your financial records. If you use a discount card, yet another database server comes into play. Databases enable businesses to track inventory, perform margin analysis, automate purchases, and identify customer trendsand to do all of this much more quickly and efficiently than ever before!

It has been a long time since I visited any business that did not rely on some type of database server, if only to track purchases and expenses. But I constantly communicate with businesses that lack a plan to ensure these databases function properly on an ongoing basis.

Hosting Database servers at the ASPHostPortal.com data center helps your database remain a vital component of your business infrastructure, rather than a time-wasting black hole for IT resources. We recently sat down with our engineering team to provide you a few tips on how we help accomplish just that:

Tip 1: Host in a Data Center Simple power quality issues such as brownouts, blackouts or even a mere voltage fluctuation can result in your server powering down. SQL-based database systems are sensitive to these unanticipated shutdowns, resulting in errors in transaction logs and database instability. Hosting that same database server in a secure data center where power quality is monitored every second of every day by trained engineershelps ensure 100% uptime.

So when you are ready to start your business day, your SQL database will be ready to start as well!

Tip 2: Maximize IOPS One vital performance metric for database systems is Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS). IOPS is important here as a measurement of how fast storage devices can read and write, which is the primary operation metric of database systems such as SQL.

Remember that in reading from and writing to a database, most hard disks must physically move, which takes timeespecially if you need to read and write from separate physical areas of your disk. By making read and write tasks concurrent, you can speed up this process with almost no administrative effort.

Instead of a single disk array handling both your operating system and application, opt for two arrays to handle each task on separate disks. Choosing serial-attached SCSI drives with high RPMs for your database, and enterprise-level SATA drives for your operating system will drastically improve read and write performance

Tip 3: RAID: It does more than kill bugs

Credit Card for Students

For most university students, credit cards arent high on their priority list for things to take care of  after all, students with loans can pay for things with direct debit from their bank accounts, as can students that are being assisted financially by their parents.

The simple truth of the matter is that most students dont think about credit cards, so that when it gets to the point that they need one, they end up rushing through the selection process, ending up with a credit card that isnt optimal for their needs or worse one that actually ends up being detrimental for them in the long run.

So what should a student seeking a credit card do? Simple, they need to research! Look at a wide variety of student credit cards, their benefits and their drawbacks. Only select one that you feel comfortable with and that you feel addresses your needs well, while not providing you with too many setbacks.

So what characteristics should you look for? Well, here are a few things to keep in mind in your search for the perfect student credit card.


Some credit cards charge you an annual fee for their usage; I like to counsel students to stay away from these types of credit cards, as usually their good points are not enough to outweigh the fact that you have to pay for them. Youve already good tuition, textbooks, residence and many other things to worry about, no sense in adding another to the list.

Credit cards that charge annual fees are intended more for business people that spend lots of money and have lots of disposable income, not for students on a fixed budget. As a result, most student credit cards wont have such a fee attached to them. If they do however, consider whether you really need the benefits of that specific credit card before you sign up for it.

Spending Limits

When I started my first year of undergraduate studies, the first credit card I applied for had a credit limit of $500, and it ended up being more than I needed at the time. As I went through University and my general expenses increased, I ended up applying to have that limit raised to $1000 and adding a second credit card with a limit at $1500  this was mostly just for when I bought textbooks or paid for tuition, as I wanted to get the maximum advantage out of my credit card bonus plans, but it was a good example of me getting the most out of the cards.


Incentives are bonuses that the companies attach to their student credit cards in order to entice more people into signing up for them. A good example of this is the “cashback” credit card, where a certain small percentage of what you spend on your credit card is refunded to you.

A credit card that was popular amongst friends of mine was the grocery credit card, which was given out by one of the chains of grocery stores where we lived. Instead of direct cashback, they offered a store credit that was twice the value of most cashback plans at the time, the practicality of which appealed to a lot of students.

Interest Rates

Ideally, this shouldnt ever be a problem, as youd be able to pay off your balance each month and thus never accrue interest on your account. Practically, however, things wont always work out that way. Therefore, interest needs to be a concern as well.

The industry average for credit card annual interest rates is somewhere in the 19-23% range, compounded monthly. However, being a student you should take advantages of the discounts available to you  if you do your research, you should be able to find a card that suits your needs with a student discount interest rate in the 10-15% range.

While 10% may not seem like a whole lot, if you ever lose your job, have to quit or have some other unexpected event that affects your finances, the interest can build up very quickly. One way to partially prevent this is to purposely search for a lower interest rate first.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Can Offer Electronic Credit Card Processing

If you are not featuring integrated electronic credit card processing in your business, it is basically like you are living in the technological Stone Age. Few businesses of the present day operate on a sole cash basis, and cash is difficult to track, easy to lose and tough to tally come the end of the day. Under that premonition, let’s also take into consideration that unlike times of the past, cash is not really deemed all that convenient for the prospective customer any more.

Why Cash is Not Always the Answer Cash generally takes more time to debit at a business, which means longer lines. Coins have to be counted. Bills have to be sorted and verified that they are not counterfeit (and you eat it on any counterfeit bills that you mistakenly accept). Your cash drawer has to be counted, and accounted for. Cash deposits have to be made to the bank. And, most importantly, if you are only accepting cash, you are vastly limiting your buying potential to customers who – for the most part – rely upon electronic transactions using their debit or credit cards, which are more widely used than cash. Sure, you want to offer both: cash and credit/debit card. What follows are some leading reasons why you can offer electronic credit card processing at your business today.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Can Offer Electronic Credit Card Processing 1. You have plenty of merchant services providers to choose from during the present day. This means that you can find the service you want at the prices you can afford. 2. Compare batch fees and find the best deals for your budget. 3. There are plenty of processing terminals available in all price ranges that enable electronic credit card processing. 4. There’s a pretty good chance that your existing POS system can integrate with electronic credit card processing. 5. Accepting more forms of payment will vastly impact your bottom line and exponentially increase your return on investment. 6. The best electronic credit card processing has e-check capabilities now, which mean that you can accept personal checks if you desire. 7. Mobile businesses can use swipe pads on smartphones to tally up sales, and electronic credit card processing can track your totals with easy reporting. 8. The best providers for batch processing can generally get the funds that you have generated processed and into your business accounts in a few business days from batch posting. 9. If you shop around, you can easily find flat rate fees from any providers and in some cases even lease the electronic credit card processing equipment that you require. 10. The software and equipment are super simple to use. Training time takes an hour or two, and then you and your staff will be ready to go.

Alivia Smith is the well known name for writing good articles on a variety of topics related with the Credit Card processing and merchant accounts. Most of the businesses are accepting credit card payments just because of customers’ flexibility. In this article, she has written about electronic credit card processing

The Schewels Credit Commitment

The Schewels Furniture Company had been in the business of selling home furniture for over 100 years now. They continue to keep a good reputation to their customers because they are credible, give the best-quality items, best services, and now they also offer Schewels Credit to make it much easier for everyone to buy home furnishing from them.

They are committed to making every home in the United States, and perhaps in the future for the rest of the world, to have the right kinds of home furniture that will make every house turn into a cozy home. A family needs a home that has all the needed furniture. Whether you’re the wealthiest man out there, or you are just making ends meet, we all need to be comfortable and happy at home. So, they offer Schewels credit to those who can’t afford to buy home furnishing straight away and doesn’t want to use a credit card with really high interest rates if they can’t pay in time. With the in-store credit, customers are given a flexible deal based on their financial capabilities and how much they can pay each month. If the monthly budget is less than the regular deal, the in-store credit counselor could extend the time of payment so customers don’t need to adjust their budget just to add a few extra dollars for their monthly payment at Schewels. They don’t request assistance from a third party financial company or bank as they will be charging more interests from the customer. Though this would protect the company, but it would be an added burden to their customers. They want to make sure that every customer who avails of in-store credit would get the lowest interest rates. After all, they availed the in-store credit because they have limited budget.

The Schewels credit option is very practical and useful. To those who can afford, they can avail of this too if they want to purchase a higher-end piece of home furnishing that they normally couldn’t afford. It’s like raising the bar a little without making them feel the difference as the monthly dues are minimal and won’t affect their budget for their monthly needs. It had helped thousands of families to finally get the right pieces of furniture for their homes. Now they can just go to Schewels and buy home furniture when the need would arise and not worry about breaking the bank each time. The company had been successful with this idea, and it had helped boost their reputation as well. They care about their customers a lot. Elias Schewel will most definitely be proud if only he could see how much his company grew throughout the years.

The Problems One May Face With Msn Billing Process – MSNBillingUpdate

MSN provides a lot of email services from free ones like ‘My MSN’ to paid services such as ‘MSN Hotmail plus’. Though the paid email services which MSN provides are of high quality and worth the money users are spending to use the services, they face some problems with the billing. They either are ignorant of the procedures involved or at times it is due to any technical problem.

If you encounter any such problem with the billing or related processes, you should contact the MSN Billing help center for this or log on to online MSN Billing Support service.

Here are some of the problems you may face with the billing process-

Your payment for the outstanding balance is declined

This can happen due to a number of reasons such as due to insufficient balance in your credit card account, expired or wrong credit card details that you may have entered or credit card may not have been activated in case it is a recent one. In case all this does not work, then you may have to contact MSN Billing help center.

You receive errors while trying to update your credit card

This again may be possible due to insufficient balance in your credit card which you are trying to use to clear your outstanding balance. It could also be due to the credit card may not be an activated one; if it is, then it may be that you have entered the wrong billing address, expiry date and name mentioned on the credit card. In case you are sure that you have made any of these mistakes, then you take the help of MSN Billing help center and may reach out to them at online MSN billing support service.

Apart from these problems, you may also face problems such as you being charged twice for your account in a single billing cycle, or you may not be able to remove your old credit card which you do not want to use while paying the MSN bills. These are quite peculiar problems and users do not face it often. However, it has occurred before with some of the customer. In such a situation, you should not worry too much as it will be resolved by the efficient staff working at MSN. The wrongly charged amount, if found true, would be credited back to your account.