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A Guide to Built in Wine Refrigerators Here we will discuss wine cooling and the best wine refrigerators which are built in wine refrigerators. We want our wine readily available so wine storage is very important. Every occasion these days will not be complete without wine. Wines have a great history and it has been a part of nearly every civilization that has existed in history.
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We should not think that discussions about wine refrigeration and storage as something that we only have in this age. Barrels in basements was the storage used by the Romans and other civilizations a long time ago. Today, storage and refrigeration of wines is already a complete industry.
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The purpose of built in wine refrigerators is not only to keep your wine safe but also so that it will be the right temperature when you serve it anytime you need to. Some people call wine chillers, wine coolers. The nature of modern wine coolers are cellular and they can control the humidity that the standard home chillers are not capable of. When you have a built in wine refrigerator, temperatures are not permitted to fluctuate which is not like home refrigerators which are frequently opened and closed and that is why they suffer temperature fluctuation. Fifty five degrees Fahrenheit or thirteen degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for most kinds of wine. Red wine and rich wines are better stored at 58 – 67 degrees Fahrneheit. If you store dry white and blush wines, the ideal temperature is 47 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal temperature for Champagne is a lot lower than 47 degrees. Build in wines refrigerators were especially designed to store wines and to achieve the temperatures that are ideal for their storage. Some refrigerators use the best technology to make them noise free and with more room and they are designed in a compact way to use minimal space. Some wine refrigerators have compartments so it can fit any size of wine bottles that also need different temperatures at the same time. Another benefit of using a wine refrigerator or a wine chiller to store your wines is that you save it from being impacted by other food items in the chiller. If you need a wine refrigerator then you can find many different shapes, sizes, and styles in the market. Depending on the technology used for the wine refrigerator, it affects its price. If you need to store only a few wine bottles in your kitchen, you will only need a tiny built in wine refrigerator. Other bigger models may come in sizes for shop level to industry level wine refrigeration units. If you want to add style to your drawing room and also show the degree of your interest in wine culture, then you can get the wooden wine refrigerator.