It is hand swipe operated Magnetic Card Reader by magneticcardreaderwriters

As we all know that a credit card is ubiquitous in today’s fast-paced society. The invention of credit cards has revolutionized the lives of those in industrialized nations, perhaps due to the fact that this object has eased fiscal transactions by consumers. The most important feature of a credit card by the Magnetic Card Reader is the black stripe often found at the back of the card. This glossy, dark, laminated plastic stripe is capable of storing data through applying the concept of electromagnetism. In a word, It is hand swipe operated Magnetic Card Reader by magneticcardreaderwriters. >

This product is hand swipe operated Magnetic Card Reader machine with USB interface, adopting high integrated magnetic card decoding chip. They have small electricity consumption and strong interference resistance. They comply with ISO-7811, 7812 Magnetic Stripe EncoderĀ  standard completely. Magnetic Card Reader can read cardbi-directionally, has intelligent lights to alert if card data is read correctly. Exquisite magnetic installation structure makes card reading more stable and reliable,which is our patented technology. Reasonable product design makes products small and compact.

This is a simple three track Magnetic Card Reader with serial output. This reader or the same product of Portable Magnetic Card Reader connects to your computer with a DB9 for serial and a PS/2 for power and outputs a 9600bps 8N1 ASCII serial stream. Plug the reader into a serial port (or USB to serial converter), swipe your frequent shopper card, and you’ll see the account number plain and unencrypted on the screen. We couldn’t find a card the Magnetic Card Reader couldn’t read. No drivers needed. No software needed just pure, wonderful serial. Everybody who knows heat a TTL is and can squeeze something out of his computer and/or hold a soldering iron will be able to make this credit card reader/writer together with the schematics.

Don’t worry about buying one of the fancy harnesses that they sell. There are breakout pads on the circuit board inside of the Magnetic Card Reader. Once you have received your reader, pop off the side cover, and solder wires to the pads as shown in the picture. Of course, if you have a different reader, the wiring will probably be different. In this case, consult your reader’s datasheet to locate the necessary pads. You have better to pay more attention to use it.